Garnet is known as the gem of eternal love.   The use of Garnet dates back thousands of years, when it was used by Egyptian pharaohs for both decorative and ceremonial purposes.   Garnet is the birthstone for January.   

Rhodolite Garnet from Rare Earth Jewelry
Rhodolite Garnet is a luscious raspberry red with hints of purple and pink.   Named for the vivid blooms of the mountain rhododendron which grows in the Appalachian regions where the stone is mined, Rhodolite garnet gets its name from the Greek word, "rhodon", meaning "rose coloured."

Mozambique Garnet from Rare Earth Jewelry
Mozambique Garnet is a fiery red color, in the warm wine-red hue that Garnets are best known for.   Mozambique Garnet featured prominently in Victorian and antique jewelry.  

Spessarite Garnet from Rare Earth Jewelry
Sometimes called Mandarin Garnet, Spessarite Garnet or Spessartine, is a radiant orange.  Vivid and extremely brilliant, Spessartite is prized by collectors.  

Tsavorite Garnet from Rare Earth Jewelry
One of the rarest of Garnets, Tsavorite Garnet is a vivid, glowing green and resembles an emerald.  Named for the Tsavo National Park in Kenya where it was discovered.  

A gift of Garnet jewelry is considered the utmost declaration of love. Create a custom Garnet ring, anniversary band or Mother's ring with this beautiful stone.