Be still my heart! Custom Tourmaline Pendant

Exceedingly rare and precious, Rubellite Tourmaline doesn't come through my studio very often, and the minute I laid eyes on this beauty, I fell in love! 

It's 7.5 carats of fire, and the stone literally glows, a flaming cherry red and pink.  Creating a custom heart pendant seemed like the perfect way to cherish it.

Custom Pink Tourmaline Necklace by Rare Earth Jewelry

The pendant was hand carved in wax before casting in gold. The stone was too gorgeous to hide, so I used an openwork design and filigree so the stone could be enjoyed from every angle.  Sparkling pave set diamonds added just the right finishing touch to this incredible gem. 

Be still my heart!

 Custom Heart Pendant with Openwork and Filigree by Rare Earth Jewelry

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