Jewelry Care Guide

With gentle care, your jewelry will last a lifetime.

Wear with Care

Diamonds and gemstones are some of the hardest substances on earth, but treat your jewelry gently as a hard blow can still be damaging.  Be sure to remove your jewelry before engaging in strenuous activities, like housecleaning, gardening or going to the gym. If your ring gets banged or knocked against a hard surface you could damage your stone or setting.


Diamond and gemstone jewelry, especially if worn every day, can easily become soiled and end up looking dull and lifeless. Lotions, cosmetics, soaps, even natural skin oils, put a film on stones and cut down their brilliance.  Cleaning your jewelry will bring back it's original luster.  It's quick and easy and doesn't require any fancy machines, chemicals or solutions. Soak your pieces in warm soapy water and then gently brush with a soft brush. Simple dish soap, (like Palmolive or Joy) or a solution of 1 part ammonia and 6 parts water, and an old toothbrush work well for this purpose.  Don’t forget to brush the underside of the stone, as this area collects soil as well.  Rinse and air dry.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on your jewelry as the vibrations of the machine can damage stones and loosen them from their settings.  Do not use steam cleaners as the heat can damage some gemstones.

Avoid Chemicals & Chlorine

Do not expose your fine jewelry to salt water or harsh chemicals, such as Chlorine. These can damage and discolor your jewelry. You should also remove your jewelry before entering a chlorinated pool or hot tub.

Precious Metals

Gold does not require any special polish. A soft jewelry cloth will remove dirt and bring back a beautiful shine.  White Gold is usually plated with Rhodium to enhance the whiteness.  Rhodium is a shiny, white metal that is extremely hard. Depending on the amount of wear to a piece of jewelry and your body chemistry, over time this Rhodium finish may wear off, revealing the original gold metal color underneath.  Replating is a simple process that can be done to restore the finish if needed.

Platinum develops a characteristic patina over time.  Your Platinum jewelry can be repolished by a jeweler to bring back the smooth look it had when new.


We recommend having your ring professionally cleaned and inspected about once a year, or if it undergoes some sort of trauma, such as being dropped or hit against a hard surface.  These inspections will help prevent the loss of your stone in the event your ring has been inadvertently damaged.  Rings with many small stones, such as pave set styles and halo designs may require more frequent maintenance depending on your lifestyle.


Store your fine jewelry in a soft cloth pouch to avoid scratching by other pieces.