Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Collection from Rare Earth Jewelry

Design your own engagement ring with an ethical and affordable alternative to natural diamonds; Charles and Colvard Moissanite. It's the finest lab created diamond alternative in the world, with unsurpassed fire, brilliance and luster.  Moissanite is guaranteed not to cloud or scratch and comes with a lifetime warranty.   We can make any style with Moissanite, solitaire, three stone, halo, cluster, split shank, bands and bezel settings in vintage, classic and contemporary designs.

Moissanite is available in all sizes and shapes: princess, emerald, round, oval, cushion, asscher, square, heart, trillion, baguette, marquise and pear.  It's also available in several color grades: Forever One Moissanite Colorless is pure white like the rarest D-E-F diamonds.  Forever One Near Colorless is a G-H on the diamond color scale. Classic Moissanite is faintly colored in the J-K-L color range, perfect for antique and vintage ring styles.  Fancy colored Moissanite comes in pink, champagne, gray, yellow, green, blue, brown and black.

Create a custom engagement ring with Moissanite for a fraction of the price of a natural diamond.